First blog post

Writing is one of the ways I can relax. Over the years I have hosted my own blogs and have been invited to write for others. I had a regular column in a hunting magazine, Southern Trophy Hunter, called “Parting Shot.” I have even written and published a book, The Idolatry of Addiction. I’m pretty sure my mom has not even read everything I have written and it is usually just good material to help my wife if she has insomnia. So, I know that there is no need to agonize over every word I might pen here because the circulation is bound to be pretty small 🙂  But, a few people may yet stumble across it and read it and may even find it useful. Heck, if you’ve read this far and you want to send me an email, I will shoot you over a PDF copy of my book.  All that matters is that I have a little fun, relax, put my thoughts down and maybe you will find something you can use or enjoy as well. I will post things here from time to time about marriage, family, counseling, and whatever may float my boat that day. I welcome you to visit here again soon. Right now, I’m still tying up all the loose ends of starting a new private practice. Just wanted you to know that I’m here and will be back soon enough.  Hope you have a Happy New Year.