Restoration Community Counseling

is the private practice of Eric Greer, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1998. A full range of counseling services are offered to individuals and couples. Don’t let the license in marriage and family therapy fool you. Family therapy is simply a holistic perspective that takes into account the systems and groups of which you are a part or have been connected with in the past. It does not require working with additional people in session, although family therapists are the only discipline of licensed mental health providers with extensive experience and training in doing so. I have also done extensive training in evidenced based therapies like ACT and EMDR for trauma, anxitey, depression, and addictions. The thoughts in my blog will range from random to professional and will have a smattering of “God stuff” throughout. Why? So, when people see me for counseling they can read my thoughts on these matters without thinking I have some particular agenda or need to proselytize. My writings are meant to make me more transparent as a person who happens to be a therapist.