11312998_10153428128434430_3466666195053458191_oI have been a licensed practitioner since 1998 and also serve as the Pastor for the Restoration Community Church which meets next door to my practice. As a therapist I have worked in multiple settings including: hospitals, intensive outpatient, residential treatment, and community mental health. By far, I have most enjoyed my work in the private practice setting where I have spent the majority of my career.

Prior to being a counselor or in ministry I served in the United States Marine Corps over the course of four eventful years. During my enlistment I was deployed to the Persian Gulf where I served in combat in the first Gulf War in 1991. I have a personal and clinical understanding of the role trauma can play in the life of an individual and his or her family.

My greatest passion as a therapist is working with couples, individuals suffering from anxiety and trauma, depressive disorders, addictions, and spiritual issues. While I don’t impose my worldview on my clients, as a pastor, I recognize that we are all spiritual people and have found that exploring solutions through this lens brings deep healing.Eric & Traci Greer

Personally, I am married (since 1992). My wife, Traci, and I have two adult daughters and one rescued dog. I love beekeeping, running, travel, and anything outdoors. For more information visit my LinkedIn page.